There are two different classes: Bossť and Light Bossť
Tree of the Meliateaes family. It can be found in the western and central regions of Africa. This tree grows up to about 30m height; it mainly develops in the Ivory Coast and Nigeria, although it can also be found in South America.
The wood has a honey-brown colour, with a lighter tonality on the wood whiteness. Duramen darkens as time goes by. The wood whiteness is clearly demarcated. It is similar to the mahogany, though with a thinner texture that sometimes might turn into a quite greasy texture due to the resin sweating. The fibre can be straight or slightly interlaced. It varies from a thin to a regular grain.
In spite of its lightness, it is very resistant and homogenous. It is very durable and easy to work with. Mostly used for fine cabinetwork, musical instruments, as well as for boats and wood flooring. Due to its resistance to humidity, it is quite appreciated for exterior works and for building wagons and trucks frames.