Cherry is a highly representative and stylish veneer whose large diversity of applications ranges from fine furniture to decoration of interiors.
European Cherry is original from the Central and Southern regions of Europe.
Veneer made of Cherry has thin pores, a regular and straight grain and a typical silky matt shine. Although it has a soft pink colour, it darkens due to light exposure then turning into a warmer tonality.
Cherry has very high resistance properties, and can be polished and varnished with ease. Before processing and application of Cherry, it would be convenient to remember that light exposure will darken it into a light golden ash-brown or a reddish ash-brown colour. Alkaline chemicals can be used to hasten its darkening, thus achieving an ageing wood aspect or providing it with a Mahogany look-like colour.
Its sophisticated and noble appearance has made Cherry a very sought-after wood in the furniture sector. It stands out as one of the most used veneers in the epoch furniture field. It can be easily matched with other lighter and darker woods, or even with other sort of materials such as, e.g., glass. As for decorations of interiors, European Cherry is highly regarded for walls and ceiling coverings, plywood doors and built-in furniture used in conference and presentation rooms.
Outer aspect
It has a passionate, extraordinary, demanding and exclusive aspect, showing up self-awareness.