Wood veneer offers unlimited design possibilities as regards of its shape and matching with other materials, such as glass, fabric, steel, lacquers or other wood species. Extraordinary technical expertise and crafting skills are required in order to bring up splendid designs in furniture, walls, doors, flooring, ceilings, and even in cars, yachts and aeroplanes. In the pages we dedicate to each wood species, we give some application examples, as our way to contribute with some creative ideas to the use of this fascinating natural product that furthermore enhances our everyday life in a singular and unique way.

In Comercio y Servicios Madereros, S.L. know that our customers, among whom we can find manufacturers on the doors, panels, furniture and boards fields, are highly demanding as regards of quality. Thus, we daily go the extra mile for totally meeting their needs and wants. With the purpose of becoming aware of all our customers’ requirements, we make available for them each and every material and human resources our company has.

All this striving for an unbeatable good service to our customers together with our half a century expertise in veneer manufacturing, has successfully placed us as a highly reliable veneer supplier in five continents.