As regards of decoration, Ash it is among the favourite woods. Ash Root veneer is mainly used for fine furniture components.
Ash grows in practically all over Europe, being very common to find it in France, Belgium and Germany.
Ash structure is well defined by its clearly demarcated rings. Its grain texture is severely striped or patterned. Its unprocessed natural colour is of a shining yellowish white.
Ash wood is hard and steady and it has excellent resistance properties. The surface treatment requires a lot of technical expertise and knowledge.
Ash is among the favourite woods in furniture making. As for interiors decorations it is mainly used for large-surfaced walls and ceiling coverings, as well as for built-in furniture. The Olive Ash veneer is very decorative due to its colour and texture, and its widely used in decoration of interiors. Ash Root veneers is mainly used for fine furniture components and for high quality interior decorations.
Outer aspect
It has a light and gentle outer aspect, with a solemn and whimsical character. Ash Root is a very expressive and decorative veneer and it has been provided with a strong and unique scope.