Beech veneer is a versatile material ideal for matching with other materials. It is simple, resistant and very easily varnished.
European Beech comes from the Western and Central regions of Europe.
Beech is characterised by the uniformity of its texture and its thin grain. It varies from a slightly intense yellow to a warm reddish colour.
Beech is a very resistant wood. Its veneer is suitable for polishing and varnishing, as well as dyeing. It can be worked with ease as it allows good handling with most of the usual tools. Beech from Danzer Company is well known due to its high quality and constant tonality.
A long time ago Beech was mainly used for furniture undergoing a very strained use -such as offices, schools, kids rooms and dormitories- while nowadays it is also used for modern and fine furniture. Beech is among the most used veneers due to its simplicity and easiness to match with other materials. It is widely used for doors and interior designs of shops and other commercial facilities.
Outer aspect
Beech confines a subtle, solemn, pure and warm, natural and well-known aspect. Its classical appearance causes a gentle and delicate impression.