Tropical Africa
Wood Description
Whiteness: yellowish-white
Duramen: yellowish-brown but turning to a reddish ash-brown colour due to the effects of the light
Fiber: Straight, often slightly interlaced
Grain: Regular to big
Mechanical properties
Resistance to static flexion: 955 kg/cm2.
Elastic Modulus: 105.000 kg/cm2.
Resistance to compression: 540 kg/cm2.
Parallel tensile strength: 800 kg/cm2.
Durability: Highly durable.
Whiteness: Apt for impregnation     Duramen: Unsuitable for impregnation
Sawing: It does not offer difficulties, but for some abrasion produced by the lime sachets contained in it.
Drying: Regular to slow. Very little distortion risk
Brushing: Relatively good, but for some abrasion; certain risk of rough filaments in the event of interlaced fibre
Gluing: The use of casein glues might cause certain difficulties
Nailing and screwing: It does not offer difficulties
Finishing: Its tannins can restrain the proper drying of oxidant varnishes, such as polyurethane and others.
Furniture for exteriors, urban parks and gardens. Indoor carpentry: doors, staircases, coverings, mouldings, skirting, friezes, flooring. Outdoor carpentry: doors and windows. Assembling carpentry for interiors and exteriors. Ornamental boards.