Western and central regions of Africa.
Whiteness colour: It varies from a creamy white to a rosť colour. Duramen colour: As time goes by, it varies from a roseate-brown to a reddish-brown colour.
Regular weight and hardness, and slightly nervous.
It is apt for veneer elaboration.
Mechanisation: It does not offer difficulties.
Gluing: It does not offer difficulties.
Nailing and screwing: It is advisable to bore holes with a drill previously.
Finishing: It must be previously treated with a pore filling.
Fibre: Straight.
Its dust is quite irritating for the skin, mucosas, eyes and throat. High silica content.
Whiteness: Fairly apt for impregnation     Duramen: Unsuitable for impregnation
Interior and exterior carpentry, ornamental boards, plywood boards, furniture and cabinetwork, civil construction, naval construction, wood carving.