It is the traditional wood veneer per excellence. It is mainly used for rustic, bedroom and fine furniture.
The Oak is a deciduous tree growing in the northern mountains. Reserves are abundant in the Central European regions and in Northern America.
The structure of the growing rings is clearly noticeable and grants the Oak with a regular and strong grain. Its tonality varies from beige to a honey-yellow colour.
Oak has excellent resistance properties. Its veneer is often used in a light or natural colour. Its versatility allows oak to be varnish in multiple ways, at the same time that accentuates its growing rings structure. White and black lacquers are among the most demanded varnishes.
Oak -a traditional wood with a multitude of uses- has broken through the home-furnishing sector, especially as an ornamental wood for furniture and interiors. Light tonality veneers displaying narrow and thin growing rings are widely used for rustic, bedroom and fine furniture. In addition, its use has spread to doors, walls and ceiling panelling.
Outer aspect
Due to its granted durability and to its traditional and sound aspect, Oak confers confidence and comfort. Its slightly rustic and sober appearance makes this wood never go out of fashion.