Sapelli is a veneer with multiple uses and unlimited application fields. Decoration of interiors can be given extraordinary accents with Sapelli Pommelé .
Sapelli is exotic among the wood species, but at all rare. Sapelli can be found all over the Western regions of Africa - from Liberia to Angola- and stretches towards East until reaching Central Africa.
Sapelli darkens from a rosÚ to an intense red-chestnut colour. Depending on the cutting technique, we can obtain interesting effects. We can get a shining striped veneer with a simple outer aspect by cutting Sapelli in quarters, whereas a tangential flat cut procures a clearly defined pattern. It stands out the growing feature of the pommelÚ trunk -named after the French word ┤pomme┤ to describe it- with the small crowns and undulations confined on the simple surface of this wood.
Sapelli is an easy-to-work wood with a regular hardness; it allows the application of matt polishes, lacquers and wax. When applying synthetic lacquers to surfaces undergoing an excessive wearing, it is necessary to keep a maximum of 12 % humidity in the wood.
Flat and quarter cut classic veneers are mostly used in the furniture, doors and panels fields. In the parquet field, Sapelli is an interesting alternative to flooring made of Oak or light tonality Beech.
Outer aspect
Sapelli gives the possibility to fill rooms with a subtle exotic African scent, or even be used as a deliberate contrast to modern elements.